Heavy Equipment Hauling

heavy duty hauling

Wrenches & Wreckers provides cargo and equipment hauling services throughout Western Maryland, Southern PA and Eastern WV. We offer scheduled and immediate hauling of all heavy cargo including heavy equipment hauling and heavy load hauling. Our fleet includes a 53' Landoll 440, lowboy trailers and two tractors capable of hauling all buses, RVs, and heavy construction equipment.

Heavy Cargo Services - Load Shifts & Load Transfers

Armed with a fleet of service vehicles and a staff of experienced load handlers, Wrenches & Wreckers can manage any heavy duty cargo situation including Load Shifts, Load Transfers and Cargo Off Loading. We provide complete 24 hour heavy duty cargo services in the Cumberland Valley and Eastern Panhandle.

Container Hauling

Wrenches & Wreckers provides shipping container loading, hauling and storage. We are equipped to provide complete container hauling services for sizes from 10' to 53'. Our team of trained cargo professionals can provide loading, stacking, hauling and unloading of shipping and sea containers throughout their service area.